March 25, 2011

Show off Friday - Custom Game Table

One of the Blog's followers, kenchan13, has sent me these photos of his sweet Dust Tactics game table. I think he may use it for a universal table not just Dust. He told me that he go the table top from Ikea for $6 and it is 4'x6' I would assume it was one of the scratch and dent ones due to the fact that why would you spend like $200 to destroy it. He said he just applied textured spray paint and then hand painted and spray painted the rest on it. He also used Warhammer 40k terrain kits from Games Workshop.

Remember if you have any painted models or terrain like Kenchan here email (link on sidebar) me some pics and you will be on here post new painted stuff every Friday if I don't get around to painting and no one sends me any there won't be one for that Friday.

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