March 8, 2011

Tuesday Review - New Rules

FFG just posted this on thier site, it's the ruling for Badass.

The Allies’ Johnny One-Eye knows that sometimes the winner of a firefight is the one who brings the most bullets. His Badass skill means that the squad he commands will have plenty; anyone in his squad that would normally have limited ammo instead gains unlimited ammo! This does not, however, affect the number of weapons that can be used per activation.

with this being said Johnny now makes a really nice addition to your Recon Squads or Flamer Squad (But remember if he joins the Recon squad they lose fast) and give them unlimited UGL or Demo Charges. Too bad Axis doesn't have something like this.

Also the new rules for Operation Cyclone are out. A few things I noticed artilery will be nice in missions where you want your mech to sit behind cover and indirect fire. The multiple ammo is also nice you can fire all the missiles at once on the Steel Rain. The new tiles are very interesting and I like how they can add to the game play. The only thing I have against the expansion rulebooks is why would they repost some of the old rules. Like agile the only differences is that they put MOVE instead of the move symbol. Also command squads can only have heroes if the hero has Commander ability. Some other clarifications are brought up about the command squad also.

Also the new ruling for Tournaments requires atleast one hero in every army. That is kinda nice because it force people to take infantry for that hero to back them up and people cannot just use walkers or just use a recon squad and did any one notice both axis' and allies' female hero are the most expensive hero in thier faction I though thats was kinda funny.


Joeha said...

"(But remember if he joins the Recon squad they lose fast)" Where in the rules does it state that the squad would loose Fast. I looked at both the Hero section and the definition of fast and could not find this info. Can you let me know where this info is in the rule book.


arkangl said...

that was also a typo its bbq squad

Anonymous said...

According to the rules pg. 14 the squads abilities effect the hero that is attached to the squad.