February 28, 2012

Tuesday Review – Mickey ARV

Today’s review is the Mickey ARV it is a Dust-Models.com walker. It’s a repair vehicle much like the Recovery Tanks back in WWII. I will not be reviewing the Engineer Vehicle, Recovery Vehicle, and Crane abilities.

Has Assault Ability
Is deadly to both Infantry and tanks
Standard walker stats
Can Self Repair
Can reduce an opponent’s Victory Points

Short range anti tank with only 1 range
Crane is only 1 dice
Short-Medium range Anti Infantry Weapons

Using the abilities as I described I would use it to stand behind walkers and salvage them as needed. Due to his short range he can be affective for holding an objective or close quarter games.

February 27, 2012

Announcement – Dust Models’ Points and Abilities

Some people from the French gaming magazine Ravage has posted this in their latest magazine. With that being said looks like there is going to be a future releases of Minefields and Bunkers maybe. Paolo Parente himself stated that these points are pretty accurate. 

Mickey ARV : 30
Barking Dog : 55
BergeLuther : 30
JagdLuther : 60
Otto : 30
Ryu : 65
Fury of Ivan : 55

A unit with this skill is a rare sight on the battlefield: maybe it's difficult to build or it has been stolen from the enemy. Whatever the reason, when you lose it it's difficult to get another one.
A unit with this skill can never been brought back in play by a Command Squad after it's been destroyed on the battlefield.

A vehicle with this equipment can lift very heavy objects: it can enter a space with an anti-tank trap. By spending 1 ACTION it can lift this obstacle and move it in an adjacent square.

A vehicle with this skill can enter a space with an anti-tank trap. If it does, that obstacle is destroyed and removed from the board.

A vehicle with this skill has many special properties, thanks to its specialized crew and equipments:
- if it's in contact with a Bunker, it can destroy it by spending 2 ACTIONS to do so: the vehicle needs a full activation. At the end of it, the Bunker is destroyed and all units inside are destroyed as well.
- the vehicle can freely enter a Minefield. When inside a minefield, it can chooses to spend 1 ACTION to clear the space it's in from any Mines. The space can then be crossed by any unit without harm.

A vehicle with this skill has many special properties, thanks to its specialized crew and equipments:
- the vehicle gains the SELF REPAIR skill.
- the vehicle can gather a friendly destroyed vehicle and bring it back to the rear: it can then be salvaged. When you play with a RECOVER VEHICLE, place a marker on the gameboard for any ground vehicle you lose (flying or naval vehicles don't count). If the RECOVERY VEHICLE can manage to go in the space with this marker, it can load the destroyed vehicle (this costs 1 ACTION). The destroyed vehicle has now been salvaged: its parts will be used in another battle. Count only half the destroyed vehicle AP cost when figuring Victory Points at the end of the game.

February 14, 2012

New Stuff From FFG

Friday FFG announce the next part to the SSU Expansion: Operation Zverograd.
SSU Specialist Units
 SSU Riflemen Squad
 SSU Hero Set
 Allies Rattler with Amphibious Equipment (Notice Posed Have No Clue It Actual Models Come This Way)
 Allies Cobra (Notice the different turret)
 There is one last thing add to the page if you didn't notice at the bottom of FFG's article.
"Check back next month to see the devastating new Axis walker!"

February 5, 2012

Superhero - Atomic Robo

Sorry I was a little late accidentally put 2013 for the schedule post date.

As for Atomic Robo its a independent comic I'd recommend reading.

Wikipedia Description:
"Is a robot possessing "automatic intelligence", created by Nikola Tesla in 1923. He is a core member of Tesladyne Industries, "a thinktank dedicated to exploring the fringes of scientific inquiry", whose Action Scientists often respond to paranormal and supernatural emergencies. Robo has a developed sense of humor, and makes numerous wise cracks at his foes' expense. In the past, he has secretly worked with the United States government as well as NASA. Robo's personality is based on Clevinger's grandfather."

If you are into comics look into this one I've found it online to read for free in a couple of places one being the iTunes store itself.