March 16, 2011

Hobby Wednesday – How to make your own board for extending your dust tactics battlefield

Things Needed:
Foam Core board bigger than 28cm x 1/4-1/2” thick
12”+ Rulers with metric units on it
Exacto Blade
Pencil or Pen
Laser leveler or another ruler
So today I thought I would show how to add extra tiles to your game.
1) Measure a 28cm by 28cm square on the board.
2) Measure 2 points on each side at 9.3cm apart on each side of the square.

3) Take your ruler and a pencil and draw your lines

4) Measure 4.6cm in the middle of each square on the sides.
5) Use the ruler and the laser leveler or another ruler and line up the points and put a dot where the 2 lines cross each other.

6) Cut the square out with an exacto blade.

You’re Done. For the most part you have a simple tile to add to your board. You can also add extras to the board if you would like. Prime it with white and lightly dry brush a blue on the white to give it a cold look.

- You can also make a tile yourself in Photoshop or some another art program and get it printed at Officemax then glue it to the board instead of painting it. I’d used rubber cement works well on paper and if the edges come up real easy to pull the edge back reapply glue and put it back down.

- I used foam core board (stuff presentations for science projects in high school are put on), you could also use masonite, thick plastic board, particle board, or just wood, but remember some of these materials can get really heavy if you have a lot of them. So remember to get thin boards rather than thick ones. If you want to get really fancy you could also use 11” x 11” canvases if you can find that size, this would make it somewhat framed, but you would have to do a whole new board.

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Chris Morse said...

I have the old and new set, can you utilise the paper maps, cutting them up and sticking them on card, or will that stop you from playing the scenarios?