February 26, 2011

Superheroes Saturday - SS Colonel Ernst Vogel, SS Colonel Hans Landa, Sky Captain, and B.J. Blazkowicz

So today isn't really superheroes but I got some new ones to play around with to make less superhero and more for regular play. SS Colonel Ernst Vogel is the Colonel from Indian Jones and the Last Crusade one of the only villians in the entire series that doesn't die in the movie. Also I did SS Colonel Hans Landa he's the main villian in Inglorious Basterds another movie where he, Bratt Pit and the dude from the office were the only surviving main characters. I'd like to think if the war was continuing none of thier events would happen Hitler would still be a live and Landa and Raine would never cross paths. Next is a fav but did not like the movie so much. Joseph Sullivan aka Sky Captain from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I like the character and I like the approach for the movie but overall the movie wasn't as good as they made it to be. I also think him and some of my other characters will get a revamp as more special rules and weapons come out. Him and characters like him especially due to he is Sky Captain and I didn't give him a plane. Last is one of my favorite old school heroes, William "B.J." Blazkowicz, from the Wolfenstein video game series. His expertize in the occult of Hitler should fit into the Dust theme perfectly.

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