November 8, 2011

Announcement - Just a Few

First is a new article from Andy Chambers under the Dust Warfare section.

Second is I got a chance to playtest Dust Warfare so look for my name in the Thanks section of the page. That's what I've been busy doing.Gobbo is also listed on the thanks. FYI I will not be posting or answering anything about the playtesting or the rules for Dust Warfare until FFG releases the rulebook.

Third there are some new models and accessories released and going to be released from

Previews are Ammo Crates for Allies, Axis, and Soviets (who knew we all had a soviet models and not know it hahaha)
Allies bits and extras for tanks.
Released is the new Scenery
Check Out

Fourth forgot to post but a new FAQ is up on the FFG website for you to download.

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