October 29, 2011

Superhero Saturday - Iron Man

So I know what you're thinking Tony Stark and Iron Man were not during WWII, but Howard Stark was. So I decided to come up with something for him. I used the Ultimate Iron Man due to it looks so much like the Axis suits that went a bit further in the technology idea.

Once the U.S. stole the Alien Technology from the Axis Howard Stark was one of the first to Experiment with the new alien tech. He used the VK to make his armor powered and he was the first to use jetpack-less armor suit. His ideas were used to help make the suits the Allies use now but before Stark could give them the full blueprints the Axis stole part of the armor sketches and wouldn't allow the Axis or Allies to use the full suit idea. Only bits and pieces of it so his would be original and the only. His armor is the current only armor to use the full extent of the alien tech not even the Axis have advanced this far.

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