October 3, 2011

Monday Discussion – Heavy Infantry Army Building

There is now an increase of the use of heavier infantry. These guys have armor 3 and carry some weapons unable to be carried by the armor 2 infantry. Today I’d like to discuss army building using these heavy soldiers and why to not over use them and balance your army out. Number one thing is I would recommend using a heavy armored hero to go with the squad(s) to add extra support and wounds.
While heavy soldiers seem to be better in terms with the game, they cost more than the regular armor 2 guys. It’s ok to take an all heavy army but note that you will be outnumbered by a horde of guys who can still take you down in a single shot.  The ratio per heavy/average soldier is 3:5. If you play 40k this army type is similar to an all terminator army. While all terminator’s can be effective you just cannot bring an average army to the table and expect to win. Some recommendations for an all heavy army are to bring more walkers than you would for a lighter army. You could bring the light walkers and they would help each other out with support. Balance out the types of heavy infantry. Don’t just bring tank hunters. Bring an balance number of guys. If you have an odd number of units bring an extra anti infantry over anti tank. While the anti tank is more effective against tanks remember you’re outnumbered by infantry.

Another army building strategy is mixing armor value in an army. This might be more effective than the all heavy army or at least easier for army building. Again keep the same strategies for army building. Balance yourself for infantry and vehicle damage. Best thing might be to use the heavy ones for specialist squad to take out tanks or have a purpose while the lighter ones are for infantry and general purpose or vice versa. You should have only a few squads of heavies to help out.  I would think about them as a elite or heavy support choice in terms of 40k.

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patrick said...

what i need is a tutorial on how to paint these axis heavies. im stuck like chuck on this angle.