January 25, 2011

Review Tuesdays

Allie Infantry
Today in my reviews I am reviewing the 3 squads in the Dust Tactics main box set
Recon Boys - are a good anti infantry unit. With the machine gun and the assault rifles with grenade launchers these guys are great for taking out a squad of men.
The MG is great for weakening a unit.
The 2 extra UGLs give a little extra firepower.
Medium range weapons
While good for anti infantry no true anti anti weapon. If your enemy kills off your entire army except for this unit and they have a walker left it's game over.

The Gunners
The gunners are the anti tank unit in the Allie force. The are equipped with a Bazooka.
Can take out a tank in 2 turns
Has 4 UGLs
Medium range weapons
Not really an anti infantry squad the Bazooka only gets 1 shot for armor 2  infantry.
Bazooka has 1/3 which means you can on fire once and get 3 damage. So need atleast 2 turns to destroy a tank and one get 1 shit per turn to do it.

The BBQ Squad
These are the assault squad the are universal at taking out infantry as well as vehicles. Their flamer is powerful but they are also equipped with shotguns able to easily take out squads of men at a time.
Fast ability can move 2x and fire.
Flame can kill a walker or a hero with one blow.
Shotguns and flames combo can kill instantly an entire squad.
Demo charges is nice for taking out tanks as well.
Very short range every weapon is at range 1.
The flamer and the demo charges are 1/ x which means they only get 1 shot per turn.

Each of these teams have pros and cons that equal out as a whole force.

Next Week's will be the Axis Infantry.

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