January 17, 2011


Thoughts about tournament play
When it comes to tournament I’ve won a bunch in Warhammer 40k. The thing about it is though people like to go by the book in that game. It’s very straight forward will you mess up you don’t get a mulligan. The biggest is the people who strictly enforce the rules during the game. Dust Tactics isn’t that way though. Since it is one unit at a time it is easier to remember what the unit’s special abilities are, and what weapons they have. The rules for the game are very simple and have no loop holes you are either doing this or you not there is no it does not say I can but it doesn’t say I can’t. A couple of things come to mind when playing in a tournament for Dust Tactics or when playing any game for that matter.
1) Don’t be the person everyone hates to play. If you are strict with rules maybe you need to either not play this game or go through anger management.
2) If someone for gets something and right before your turn remembers allow him to go back and do it.
3) Do not try to make loop holes in this game. It is very straight forward with rules and how things follow in the game. If you are a tournament runner use common sense and don’t allow this to happen. If someone finds a rule to exploit pull them to the side and tell them you do it again you can leave.
4) This game is a fast paced game does not take forever to make one turn. You have 1 unit to move that’s it and you can either shoot or not. In 40k you cannot premeasure but in this anyone can count. So while you opponent is moving his one unit make you decision then.
5) Thing that comes to mind is the 5th page of the Warmachine rulebook you don’t know it read it. It basically says don’t cheat, bring you game, don’t be a wuss.
6) Don’t be a poor sport when losing. Yea this is a brutal game and you will lose units really quickly, but I’ve learned that the game can be turned around easily.
7) When your opponent is removing models and he accidentally removes his heavy weapon or specific model he forgot to keep on the board let him put it back. Wound allocations do not apply to this game so there for he probably over looked the model.
8) Sportsmanship is a big thing in games like this. So if someone forgets the rules remind them.
9) When facing people new to the game go easy. Yes, you can win but don’t make it that they never want to play this game again.
10) Lastly have fun. It’s just the game. Win or lose you should be happy about the game you just played.

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