January 31, 2011

Monday's Discussion - Thought About Upcoming Expansions

Everyone knows that the expansions have been released of what they are somewhat. Here is my predictions:

Operation Cyclone - Artillery Strike
It has already been announced. It looks like what it says a bunch of artillery stuff. With the 2 new mechs having artillery shots and the commend squad having artillery strike. The only thing that comes to mind is a bunch of explosive stuff. The new tiles are landing craft this should be pretty neat to use

Operation Paperclip - Blurhreuz Attacks
This one I predict to be out this year in summer between June and September. It is a bit more World War Wierd. This is the zombies and the gorillas. Maybe some werewolves and vampire who knows, but the game will change with these extras to the game. It says it will take place on a castle so that will be interesting for tiles and terrain. Also maybe we’ll see a glimpse of the Russian models.

Operation Seelow - Battle for Britain
This hopefully will be at the end of this year. It will also hopefully have a lot of Russian stuff and introduce the factions other countries units like British for Allies, and Japanese for Axis. It will be a tech boost too so a lot of new walkers and weapons will be in the game.

Operation Downfall - Vrill Invasion
This will be the beginning next year. It will be the full invasion of the Vrill the rest of the Aliens of the one Axis found. This will probably be more tech for the other factions to battle the aliens, because think about it, it’s WWII would the tech we had then be able to even put a dent in the Alien's Armor.

Operation Harpoon - Air Strike
Dog fights and other neat stuff with aircrafts. There will be bombing runs and airplane fighting. Also to be able to stop these there will be AA guns to shoot them out of the sky. The aircrafts will have to be constantly moving they will never be able to stay in one place.

I also don’t think this will be the end of the game I think there will be more and they haven’t released them to the public.

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