January 30, 2011

Sundays Play by Play

First thing I modified Wolverine's card someone on Facebook gave me an idea so I tweaked it. Check it out.
So last night my friend and I decided to played Scenario 2: Patrol. The objective was still kill each other but it only last 8 turns and the setup is odd. My friend and I decided that since I was defenders last game he would be this game.

My friend went first in on the deployment. He was attackers and all his men had to be deployed on the middle strips as mine had to be deployed on the outside.
I went first for the first turn. I moved my Flamer Squad and killed 3 of his Rocket Squad. Then his squad moved denied me cover and returned fire killing my squad. Then my MG squad finished off his rocket squad. My Pounder took out his MG squad. My hotdog and Rocket Squad and his Luther, Ludwig, and laser squad moved into position.
Next round, turn 2, I went first again popped out my Pounder and fired at his Ludwig only dealing 1 HP to it. Then I returned fire take 3 HP. I moved my Rocket Squad and fired at his Laser Squad dealing 6 hits points and he killed 4 models and 1 HP to Sigrid. His Luther shot at my Pounder taking the last HP from it. He returned fire with the Laser Squad dealing only 1 damage to my squad and I made a soft cover save. My MG squad hid from the Luther and my Hotdog moved closer.

On turn 3 he went first, his laser squad fired at my Rocket squad killing 3 of them. I returned fire dealing 1 HP and he gave it to Sigrid. His Luther moved close to the rocket squad and my MG sqaud moved into cover. His Ludwig moved into position to fire at my Hotdog and I moved twice.
On turn 4 I went first my Hotdog tried to destroy his Ludwig not landing a blow to destroy it.His Ludwig returned fire destroying my Hotdog. I moved my MG squad back and he moved his Laser squad. I moved my Rocket squad in cover and he moved his Luther and fired at my MG squad landing 3 HP and I made all 3 soft cover.

On the 5th turn I moved my MG squad double back. He then moved his Luther closer but remained being blocked from my Rocket sqaud so I moved them back a squad. His Ludwig moved forward and his Laser Sqaud moved back.
On turn 6 he when first. His Luther moved and fired the cannon at my MG squad killing 3 and its MG at my Rocket squad dealing 1 wound and I took it on Joe. The rocket squad returned fire dealing 3 points on hit Luther. His Ludwig moved closer to my men and my MG moved forward. His Laser Squad moved back a little more.
On turn 7 I went first trying to deal the killing blow to the Luther but no luck. His Ludwig moved and fired at my MG squad leaving 1 model left. My MG squad moved closer to his Luther and his Luther finished off the Rocket squad. His Laser squad moved close to my only guy.
On turn 8 we didn't even role his Luther finished my single guy and the game ended with Victory to my friend.
Thoughts about this mission:
The Defenders have a huge advantage of the Attackers. Their force is close together and can work as one. While the Attacker have to be spread out throughout the map. 

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