January 18, 2011


About the models
The models for Dust Tactics are nicely modeled. There are minimal mold lines around the edges and it is already primed for you to go a head and paint. The figures have rotating torsos just like AT-43. The walkers are nice and have interchangeable parts. You can swap weapons and attachments to each walker. Another nice thing is that the head can be yanked out and replaced if desired to do so. You can go get other WWII head and swap with the figure heads. The scale is a little hard to find the figures are 35mm and the vehicles are 1:48 scale.

Extra Models

The figure can be some what hard to find. I found for my superhero cards use Heroclix they are 35mm and make the models I have made cards for. While I was on miniaturereview.blogspot.com I found Pulp figures makes a bunch of WWII miniatures, West Wind Productions makes sell a bunch of Weird War 2 companies, Brigade Games and Hobby Supply is also nice. A couple of miniature games I plan on adding to my game is Grindhouse Games’ Incursion, Fantasy Flight Games themselves’ Tannhauser, and Darkson Design AE-WWII. These companies’ games are about 28mm-35mm and have nice looking models.

The vehicles are easy to find you can go to your local hobby store and pick up a wide variety of WWII tanks at that scale. Tamiya makes most of them. Another company I found that has nice scaled models is battlemart.com they have a large amount of models that they cast themselves in resin and are usually about 4-6 pieces to put together rather than a fully detailed model.

If you have any sites that sell models that could be related to these models send me an email.

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