June 11, 2011

Announcements Since I've Been Gone

First I am back from my Alaskan trip. It was fun and gave me a lot of arctic references especially the Glaciers I saw in Glacier Bay. They will soon be added to this blog for references to arctic painting.

Second new units have been announced by FFG and a whole new core game box.

Terrain Tiles

And Updated Cards. If you didn't know there update is that the AP is replaced with the tournament points system points.

Third Dust models has come out with new models too for 1/48th scale (same as Dust Tactics) New figure to pre-order Panzerprinz (there is a bundle for the Jagdluther and the Panzerprinz) and new tiles blank, Allies, and Axis. I plan on getting some for my Superheroes.

Forth I got a post on my Facebook from James that I'm assume he has developed an RPG for Dust with a word document of it all on his page: Postmortem Studios. I'll post the link on the Links Page soon.
Site Here

And finally I got a message from Olivier Zamfirescu and he wrote
Hello Adam, we really love your work on your blog here at the Studio, so we decided to send you a special gift!


When I got home I received a package with Tank Traps Set A and Set B both from Dust Model. They will be used to make a tutorial on how to paint Tank Traps soon.

and this postcard inside.
Thanks a lot Olivier, Paolo, and the Dust Family for making great games(Dust and Dust Tactics), for your support, and for the gift. I hope to support your game more.

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