June 25, 2011

Superhero Saturday

So today will only be 1 Hero I am in the process of updating the old card to include the new changes to Dust Rules like the points. So today's hero is the Panzerprinz model at Dust Models. He currently is sold out but visit the site weekly to see if its available.

-Tank Commander: Allows a hero to operate a vehicle. If there is a type of vehicle next to Tank Commander then those vehicles are the only ones her can enter and exit. He can start at the beginning of the game on the table or in a vehicle. He gives the vehicle his abilities. He can leave a vehicle and re-enter it. This activates the Hero and the vehicle at the same time. The Hero can only move and the vehicle can only shoot. The vehicle has its own personal radio to call artillery strikes and commands.

If the vehicle is destroyed and the Hero is in it, roll a dice for every wound loss to destroyed the vehicle that turn. For every hit the hero takes that many wounds. If he survives he gets out of the vehicle and goes on as normal. The hero cannot be fired at by the same unit firing at the vehicle. When the vehicle is destroyed the hero gets out on whichever side the controlling player chooses.

For example: On turn 2 you shot a vehicle and wounded it 2 wounds but not killed it. Then the next turn you wounded it and did 2 more wounds to destroy it. The player firing would role 2 dice and any hits deals damage to the Hero.

Tank Commanders cannot Tank Head or Mechanic repair while inside the vehicle, he must disembark the vehicle he is in.

So Panzerprinz can only join walkers with KampfLaufer on the card. Meaning he can join the Loth, Ludwig, Luther, Bergeluther, Jagdluther, Lothar, and Luddolf. When he gets in the vehicle he gives the vehicle Fast ability. He can call artillery strikes from the vehicle. In order to tank repair a vehicle he must disembark the one he is in first.

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