January 17, 2012

Announcements – About the Blog

Sorry about the slowing of my posts. I have been really busy with the holidays and I’ve been working on my multimedia portfolio animating and 3D modeling on the computer. I had a death in the family on Christmas Day that was a bummer.

Over the holidays Operation Cerebrus and the Heavy Walkers were released go and pick them up. Reviews for them will be out soon.

On to things new I have a ton of stuff lined up for the new year. I have reviews for all the current units lined up for every Tuesday. I also have line ups for all the British tanks still going. I have some conversions lined up to go for you guys to see and use. The army builder file is up for this I know about the sniper unit problem. If you see any other problems feel free to email me about it. The link is in the Links Page.

It is a bum that Dust Warfare didn’t come out last year but it should be coming out soon. Mr. Parente on the Dust Tactics Fans – Official Facebook Page said it’s worth the wait. So we can on hope for greatness. I have a Campaign Rulebook lined up for the release of Dust Warfare. It shouldn’t be too complicated just you will need all 3 games to play: Dust the board game, Dust Tactics, and Dust Warfare. Since I got to playtest I got to see some of the basic rules and use them for my Campaign when the Rulebook comes out I’ll look it over to tweak my Campaign and it from the playtest rules if needed. I am in the process of making my own Dust Warfare modular table. I will have some tutorials on how to make the stuff for it soon. The terrain could also be for Dust Tactics.

Ignacio Brizzio and his crew from Argentina had their very first Dust Day December 18th. Congrats to you guys. The coverage is on both the FFG Site itself here and on the Dust Tactics Fan – Official FB Site.

Also the biggest part to Dust has shown itself. THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!!!!!!!! Check out the articles on FFG’s website. It also looked like it’ll be the start to aircraft with helicopters!
Doesn’t appear to be a box set.

The helicopter does look a little goofy but if you look at the original one back in 1950s it looks just as bad. $40 USD
Recon Squad $20 USD
Chinese Volunteers. $20 USD
Some sort of Close Combat Squad like the BBQ squad and that’s a flamer not a laser. Also no molotov cocktail. $20 USD
Command Squad. $20 USD
Nadya with twin flamers. $30USD Box of 3 combinations
Natalya with Twin Howitzer. $30 USD
Natasha with Twin Buzz Saws. $30 USD
Koska’s walker Gran’ma $30 USD
Koska herself

That’s all for now folks keep tuned in.


Weird WWII said...

If you live neat Arizona, Paolo and Andy Chambers are going to be doing a con there and I think they are going to premier Dust Warfare. Might be a good opportunity to meet the crew behind it all. Hell, you might even be given a job for all the extra work you've put in the game to make it more appealing to a large audience?

Never know,

fattdex said...

Sorry about your family member mate but appreciate the blogging!
If you want some reel and portfolio comments send em along to me jayden.barr@mishme.com
Cheers, -JB

Board Game Factory Bio said...

Thanks for the update and the best Dust blog on the web.