March 2, 2011

Hobby Wednesday – How to pop open your walkers’ hatch

Things you will need:

Your turret for or torso from the walker

a small blunt object like the end of a nail or something metal

Super Glue

1/48th Scale Figure or a Dust Tactics figure

Really simple but cool thing to do with your mechs. Just take your walker and use the nail and push the hatch on the top of the turret. It should be hinged so just pose it tac glue it to hold it in place. Then take a figure cut him in half and glue in the hatch to look like the tank commander.

Haven't gotten the Axis hatch open yet but still trying.


radiocamboja said...

Great idea! I did this now with a spare bazooka joe. Relly cool, really easy to do.

arkangl said...

Yea the game store owner at groovy geckos when I went to the tournament gave me the idea to do it.

Regino Sanchez said...

I was able to pop it off using a wire hanger to insert through the tiny opening at the bottom. It pop the entire hatch including the base, but then I cut the glue (gently) and then popped the hatch.