April 5, 2011

Tuesday Review – Operation Cyclone

So I got Operation Cyclone last week and I thought I would review it. First you get the 2 Heroes Rosie and Manfred. They are pretty cool looking models. My Rosie came miss casted and instead of having 2 firsts like she’s taunting you she just has her middle finger which I laughed so hard when I saw it. I give her an A for the model it looks really cool overall. Manfred is pretty cool also but I think they just took a commander model and slapped a different head on it. I’d give him a overall. Next is the extra stuff in the box you get 3 landing craft tiles and on the opposite side there is a Submarine. This is really neat because one of the scenarios is a dry dock stile map with the industrial of the other tiles. You also get like 6 terrain tiles with one side terrain the other side some walking platforms. These are for the mission with the sub to walk between the sub and the land and the landing craft missions to walk from the landing craft to the land. I was thinking it would be cool to use for the Zombie mission I made in my mission section as the stairs to the terrain tiles. Next is the extra terrain you get 4 tank traps and 4 ammo crates the axis ammo crates look different than the Blue Thunder ones.  Last is the rulebook it has all the rules for the new artillery rules and the new missions all in one book rather than the 2 for Blue Thunder.

So reviewing the 2 Heroes
- Has a 1/4 Bazooka rather than the 1/3.
- Has Tank Head and once per game can repair a vehicle.
- A hero who can hurt a Vehicle.
- Medium range weapon
- Has less wound than her counterpart
- 1 Shot against infantry
- Tank Head is only once per game and even if it doesn’t work then it is used up.
Tactics:  Stick her with a Recon Squad while putting Joe with Gunners or Bot Hunters. That way you give the Recon Squad an anti tank.

- Has assault and give it to his squad
- Unlimited shots of Panzerfaust.
- Can hurt a Vehicle.
- Has 5 wounds.
- Cannot nearly damage a Vehicle as hard as his counterpart.
- Assault is once per game.
- Close range weapons.
Tactics: Stick him with the Battle Grenadiers or the Panzer Killers. That’s an extra dice to use to take out a tank and he can use assault to get the squad close for him to do damage.


lotrhithero said...

Do you think this is worth the asking price? It;s just under half the price of Blue Thunder in the UK and you get just 2 hero models, seems a rip-off to me.

Anonymous said...

lotrhithero: Maybe you can try Amazon or Ebay, it's cheaper there.

Jason said...

Some of us like the tiles that come with it as well. Between heroes, tiles, scenarios, and extra terrain, i don't think it's a horrible deal.

lotrhithero said...

I'm finding ebay more expensive than my normal on-line retailers and of course comparing the prices withe the discounted price I got the main game from. It's not a bad deal, just over expensive compared to Blue Thunder and as its a great game will get it anyway :)

Aldarion said...

Let´s face it, the game got us hooked, and there´s nothing we can do about it...
I just got my premium Op. Cylcone from Hong Kong yesterday and feel top happy!!