April 8, 2011

Show Off Friday

 Check out what theguildllc from the FFG forums painted and converted models. British Cruiser Tank styled walkers. They are really nicely converted. Another conversion he did was the British Rangers at the bottom using gas masks and British helmet heads. These are amazing models.


bambiravenchild said...

Sweet conversions! when i get more axis im doing some conversions... can wait

bilbo08 said...

Awesome... anybody knows how to get these vehicle effect, like wasted paint, or scratched paint?? Thanks.

theguildllc said...

bilbo08, I used a standard brush and dabbed codex (or maybe it was adeptus battlegray...)onto the edges and areas that would be chipped. Then I used a fine brush and painted Fortress grey into the middle of the darker gray sections. Alternatly you can use the sponge technique, it's supposed to be simpler but I always end up with a smudgy mess. If you can pull it off though it looks fantastic.