April 19, 2011

Tuesday Review – Command Squad

So today’s review is the Command Squads the Boss and Kommandotrupp both are equals in abilities and guns as their each other. The only difference is the amount of shots of the StG 47 versus and the Victory MG.
Is a squad of guys rather than just a hero.
Has an officer who can reactivate a unit.
Has a medic who can fully heal a squad or hero.
Has a radioman.
Has a mechanic who can repair vehicles.
Can order indirect fire.
Decent Anti infantry
Cannot be joined by a current hero to add wounds to the unit.
Can only have 1 (currently) for armor 2.
No anti tank.
They can only issue 1 order a turn.
Cannot heal itself.
If the radioman is removed some orders don’t work.

Tactics: Keep in them back behind cover for defenders. When a unit gets low move them close to the unit and let the command squad heal the unit. For attacker put them behind a walker and move them forward. That way the walker blocks LOS.

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