April 27, 2011

Play by Play Mission: Destruction

So today's play by play is Destruction. The objective is for the attacker to make his way to the middle tile of the board. So here is the setup of the board. I am Allies and Defenders my friend Alex will be Axis and Attackers.
Turn 1 was nothing special just us moving on to the board and mode of his and my models moved twice. No firing happened in this turn.
 Turn 2 was still just a moving turn I moved closer to block off the entrance to hold my objective. Alex moved around the terrain as quickly as possible.
 Turn 3 was another moving turn almost all the units moved further in place on my side. My Hot Dog was the only unit that fired this turn he hurt 2 of Alex's Battle Grenaiders with the .50cal and .30cal MG. All of Alex's models moved close to my men.
 Turn 4 was a little more brutal but for Alex a lot more moving. My Hot Dog took out Alex's remaining 3 Battle Grenadiers. His Luther fired at my Hot Dog but not damaging it. Alex's Ludwig moved close to the objective.
 Turn 5 Alex won the iniative. His Ludwig fired at my Gunners I made 2 cover saves and lot one model. I returned fire and didn't land a hit on it. His Laser Grenadiers moved close but was block of LOS to my Gunners by his Ludwig. My BBQ Squad moved through my Gunners to unleash on his units. I dealt 2 HP to his Ludwig and 1 to his Laser Grenadiers. Sigrid took the hit. His Luther dealt 1 HP to my Hot Dog.
Turn 6 I won the iniative, my BBQ Squad Flamed the Ludwig destroying it. I also dealt 4 damage to his Laser Grenadiers. Alex killed off Sigrid and lost a guy. His Recon squad fired at my BBQ Squad killing 4 models. My Battle Grenadiers moved and fired at his Recon Grenadiers. He lost 3 models. His Luther dealt another HP to my Hot Dog. My Luther moved and Napalmed the Luther killing it.
 Turn 7 Alex won the iniative, he moved and shot with his Laser Grenadiers at my BBQ squad landing 1 HP and I took it on Joe. Joe and my remaining flamethrower killed off the squad. His Recon Grenadiers fired at my Gunners not landing a single blow and I did the same.
 Turn 8 I won the iniative, I moved my Gunners and fired then at Alex's Recon Grenadiers killing 1 of the 2 left. He returned fire not landing a hit. My BBQ squad moved in and finished off the remaining model with Joe denying him of cover. Victory to me.
Thoughts about this mission: If you are the Defender just sit and wait for them to come to you behind cover. If you are the attacker move as much as possible and fire as much as possible when you can. When I won this mission once I used the cover to my advantage and ran around the outer edges of the map. It in return made him come to me.
Hobby Wednesday will be out tonight I didn't want to spam you with 2 articles at once.

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