April 18, 2011

Discussion Monday – Army Building with Operation Cyclone Models Part 1

So today I am going to discuss army building with the new Expansions. Set aside the basics I discussed in the previous army building I would choose some of the newer walkers over the previous ones. The ones I would choose over the other is I would choose the Mickey over the Hot Dog, Bot Hunters and Panzer Killers over the Gunners and Battle Grenadiers, and depending on the points the MG squad and the Command Squad. So let’s discuss the first of the expansions, the Cyclone box. It comes with 2 Heroes, depending on which faction you choose is which one you can have in your force. I personally still like Joe over Rosie, his 4 dice for seizing the initiative. She is nice to use in your force she can repair a tank once per game and she has a 1/4 Bazooka. I just see Joe being more important. I would take her when I can afford 2 heroes. Manfred is a little different when choosing over Sigrid. They both I would say are equals in choosing. His assault and unlimited Panzerfaust can come in handy, while she has berserk and a laser pistol. When choosing these 2 I think I would go with Manfred because he’s cheaper, can damage Vehicles and once per game can make him and an entire squad more double. For the vehicles it’s a little harder to pick each one is so unique to use. When using the command squad I would pick Lothars and Steel Rains over Hot Dogs and Luthors. I would never choose a Steel Rain or Lothar over a Pounder or Ludwig. It all depends on your strategy though. Whether you want to move quickly to attack your opponent or wait for them to come to you. Defenders I would take Pounders, Hot Dogs, and Steel Rains, Attackers I would take Pounders, Steel Rains, and Mickeys. For the troops I would definitely choose the 2 Missile Launcher squads over the 1. They are only 1 or 2 points more than the other and they get 2 Missile Launchers instead of 1. Part 2 will discuss the command squads and the sniper squads when they are released.

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