April 11, 2011

Discussion Monday – Upcoming Operation SeeLowe

So today I thought I would discuss Operation SeeLowe. It consists on Fast Walkers, a Space Marine and I Zombie Gorilla. The 4 new walkers coming out look amazing a lot different than any other walkers we have seen before for either side. For the axis they have 2 walkers the Heinrich and the Hermann. The Heinrich has 4 canons mounted to it while the Hermann has a huge laser cannon attached to it. I can only imagine what that thing will do to tanks and infantry. The allies have the Wildfire and the Honey. The Wildfire has similar armaments as the Heinrich. The Honey has 2 phaser weapons. Who knows what these are going to do but I would assume something awesome. Next on the list are OZZ 117 and Markus. OZZ 117 is a space marine looking Hero. He has a Flamer and a Rocket Punch aka Powerfist. It is a combat weapon with 1/2 on tanks. He has move 2 and Jump which I am not sure why he would need Jump unless armor 3 cannot fit through small spaces. Markus on the other hand is a brute. His fist do the same damage as OZZ. He has charge and 6 wounds that’s going to take a lot to get rid of him. Both of these Heroes have armor 3 which reduces some weapons damage to only 1 or 2 damage per shot. So far Operation SeeLowe looking really interesting and I can’t wait to see more.


CW said...

love the mechs too, I would expect that the Heinrich with its 20mm cannons will be better than the Wildfire with its .50" MG's. The Heinrich might also be better protected as the crew is vulnerable of the Wildfire.

Don't like Oz as he is just a rip-off from GW's space marines, his jump might be useful in leaping normally inpassible terrain.

Marcus could be cool but ridicuously powerful if he joins another armour 3 unit, could take forever to take him down.

I expect we will also see units to go with these new characters, don't particually want Space Marines :(

theguildllc said...

Love that Heinrich.
Ozz looks silly, will probably just use the APE suits from west winds Incursion game.
Can't wait for Marcus!

Metropolis said...

Don't really like the look of either of the heroes to be honest but I love Orkney and Scapa Flow is an immensely moving place, so I'll probably buy the set anyhow.

I would imagine Ozz can jump onto the Submarine from the dock and not have to contend the walkways.

I think Axis get the better deal (again?)

one day gingers will rule the earth said...

Operation Seelowe introduces rules for buildings, so jump will probably figure heavily.

Jordan said...
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Jordan said...

As soon as I posted that I learned that 'OSS 117' is some sort of more European James Bond:

Anyway, he looks like a generic powersuit guy. He's as much of a ripoff of a Space Marine as he is a ripoff of a Fallout character or any other powersuited sci-fi guy that ever was.