April 27, 2011

Hobby Wednesday - Using Pink Foam to Make Terrain

 So today I thought I would show some terrain making ideas. I like using pink foam for my terrain tool. I use a styrofoam cutter to cut and sculpt my object. There are 2 kinds of styrofoam cutters. First one is a string attached to 2 rods that allow it to heat up and cut the object this one is good for cutting out the main shape of the terrain. Second one is like the first picture below which is a single rod. This one can be used to get the basic shape and also used to sculpt.
First I would draw out the shape you want. Then cut the basic shape of the object. Next you would start cutting the edges to round the object out and add details to the object. Once your done I do not spray these with any kind of spray paint it will erode and you will not have a object anymore. Look at my examples below to show you ideas of how it's done. For the wall section I cut the basic L shape then I went in a cut a smaller wall section. Then I carved the bricks and concrete sections. next I cut the wall following a brick every other line while cutting down the wall.

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Mickey said...

The problem with the foam is its easily damaged. Its great to work with but even painted and varnished its easy to break. You can try sheet rock pieces and remove the paper front/back. Then you can carve into it and mount it to a small base. Its fragile if dropped but will stand up otherwise. Or try sign foam. You can get that from any sign shop. Its very dense, can be carved and very durable. Good luck the stuff looks great.