April 2, 2011

Announcement about the blog

You may have noticed a new link the Army Builder link. It's to the link for the file for Army Builder 3.3b from Wolf Lair. Many of you that play various games like 40k and Warhmachine may have used this before. If you have not there is a link to the site. The program is $39.99 USD but they have a free trial that allows you to produce 3 units at a time. With this you can print out army sheets and not have to have the cards. Also if you see any errors feel free to email me and I'll fix them right away. Now there isn't any Operation Cyclone models in this file yet. I am following the policy the people who make the 40k one and not releasing the files for a current model until 1 month after its release.


bilbo08 said...

Hi, I already downloaded it, but its an AB file. Im affraid I have not any software to open it. Do you know how to open it in MAC OS ? Thanks!

arkangl said...

It's only PC for the program you have to download. It says that under the system requirements under the product description