April 12, 2011

Tuesday Review – The Mickey

So today’s review is the Mickey. The story about the Mickey is that it is named after Mickey the scientist/mechanic who developed the Allie walker that all the Allie forces use. This was the first of the walkers and was named after her by Joe because she designed it and because she sacrificed her life to save Joe and their force against Sigrid.
Only new walker from cyclone that does not need to reload.
Has Fast ability.
Has Self Repair ability.
Very durable for anti-troop and anti-vehicle mostly vehicle.
It’s the cheapest walker so far.
Range 5 on the Howitzer which can be countered with the Fast ability.
Only new walker in cyclone that doesn’t have indirect fire.
Sort of weak against vehicles.
Tactics: If you have a choice between a Hot Dog and a Mickey take the Mickey.


theguildllc said...

I think the Mickey will really come into it's own when multi wound lvl 3 infantry enter the game (cybernetic gorillas like Marcus), till then I still favor the Hot Dog, I've been burned by the 1/skull more times than I care to admit.

Anonymous said...

I don't get when you say "It’s the cheapest walker so far". What "cheaper" means? Because the unit cost is the same 4 points of all walkers.

theguildllc said...

tournament points wise, cheapest.

Metropolis said...

Mickey rules! "Fast" means that "Jump is useful i.e. he can jump over a tank trap and still fire his weapons. At range 3 he does 16 dice against a five man squad and no reloading necessary.

lotrhithero said...

I prefer Hot Dog, with a weapon that ignores cover and capable of taking out a mech in one shot is downright scary.