April 20, 2011

Homegrown Thursday - Churchill and Challenger

So today's tanks are 2 English tanks. Enjoy.


CW said...

The Churchill has 2 MG's hull and co-axial (as pretty much all tanks do), you also only have 4 wound boxes showing. The Challanger has a pic of, I think, a Tiger I on it?

arkangl said...

Yea wrong photo is a newer tank I saved a bunch of photos and wasnt paying attention. and all my weapons configurations are from wikipedia so if it doesnt say co axil I dont put it.

lotrhithero said...

That link does actually say its got 2 MG's under secondry armement. Wiki's also the profile for the early war tank, you need to look up the stats for a MKVII. It should also have 6 wounds (150mm armour, 40 tons), unlike the Challenger which is only a 'medium' tank, its armour and mass is way below that of the Churchill at only about 100mm and 33 tons so should probably have the average armour and wounds of 4.

Hope that helps

arkangl said...

there is a reasoning to how I pick my armor and wounds. Its base on size armor and crew. 0-15 is armor 1 16-30 armor 2 31-45 armor 3 46-70 armor 4 71-90 armor 5 91+ armor 6 and 7 depending on size. My basic armor I use is the Sherman b/c its about the same for the walker in tactics. depending on the same things also carries the wounds. The churchill and the challenger have the same stat lines for size armor and crew. The only difference is the front armor on the churchill is like 152 for the VII so maybe I should bump his to 7 or 8. You got to remember there is only 1-7 in armor and a sherman's max is 60s-ish and thats classed as a 4, so a challenger at 100 should be well over a 4.

lotrhithero said...

Cool, idea but that method isn't quite in keeping with the suggestions on page 4 of the rules. The Churchill being a very heavy tank should probably be 6 max, reserving the armour 7 for your Jagdtigers and Stalin tanks. The Challanger, especially with its reduced armour on its huge turret to lose weight should probably be a 5 maximum. And what about the hit points, the Challanger is way below the fighting weight of the Churchill, Tigers and Panthers, a bit more than Mr. Average PZIV and Sherman, so 5 wounds seems about right.

arkangl said...

No read page 4 it says medium armor and most tanks around 1940 not all medium tanks. If it has extra armor which the english tanks kinda did. Also I reduced the armor to 5 but I left the wounds.