July 12, 2011

Tuesday Review

So todays review is OZZ 117
He's a mysterious Hero. The Allied defenders take heart, though, when they spy Ozz 117 leaping over buildings in his high-tech battle armor. His rocket punch and flamethrower make him a formidable force the Axis can’t ignore.
While Ozz 117’s real name is unknown, he is one of the most active agents for the Allied forces. Equipped with the new Heavy Ranger armor, he is dangerously strong on the battlefield. Combining his Rocket Punch skill with his new Heroic Attack ability could change the course of battle in an instant. Also possessing the Jump skill, Ozz 117 is ready to handle the new building terrain. Ozz 117 believes the future of warfare will be based on his new armor; test him out and see if you agree.
A hero great for anti vehicle and infantry.
Has a Flamethrower.
Can Jump.
Has Heroic Attack.
Has Armor 3
Has Move 2
Can Move 4 tiles in a single turn.
Only 4 wounds compared to its Seelowe hero counterpart.
Only gets 2 dice for vehicles.
Can only be put in squads of armor 3 which current expansion has only 2 coming.
Expensive Hero.
All weapons are range 1.
Tactics: Until more unit with armor 3 come out I would be iffy on taking him. If you do move move move. Then when you get close enough don't hesitate to attack.

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