July 1, 2011

Superhero Saturday

So still continuing on fixing the cards. So today's card character is a rare to find. Super Soldier is a Amalgam comic character. If you don't know the story Marvel and DC comics clashed in a huge war then something happened and heroes merged together. Super Soldier is pretty obvious it's Captain America and Superman. He was given a super hero serum like in the Captain America but instead of enhancing humans it merged them with an Alien race giving him Superman's Powers.

1 comment:

evillsvain said...

Cool, but maybe a bit too cheap. I mean, Class 4 Infantry with 6 Hits, weapons to hurt both Infantry and Armour and a ton of Special Abilities for 4 pts...? I think 5 pts. would be more reasonable and 6 pts. would be fair. Other than that, good work & keep them coming!