July 26, 2011

Hobby Wednesday - How to Paint Fire and Explosions

 So today I thought I would show how to paint the explosions of the muzzle fire from armocast.

First I painted Dheneb Stone and then wash with Devlan Mud.
 Then paint over it with Dark Fleshtone.
 Then paint Blazing Orange in the cracks.
 Then paint Golden Yellow in the cracks.
 Then paint Astromicon Grey on the outer sections.
 Then highlight with Codex Grey.
Then wash with Skull White.
And that's it.
One thing I forgot is when done with the last step to lightly go over the front blast with blazing oranges and golden yellow and go over the back with Codex grey. This isnt really something I can show you just got to do it until you like it kinda deal.

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