July 10, 2011

Sunday's Play By Play

So today's Play by Play is the Second Mission in Operation Cyclone: Counterattack
The objective is for both players to eliminate each other in 8 turns. For reason of unbalancing and next expansion allowing the Loth we decided to allow Alex to use it.

Turn 1 - This turn none of us volunteered LOS to a unit and was just a movement turn.

Turn 2 - This turn was the same as turn 1 we just moved into positions. Alex and I set up out artillery units. Bad part is Alex is the only one to  use his in this game.

Turn 3 - Next turn Rosie and the BBQ squad moved out. Rosie took out Alex's Ludwig with one shot and the BBQ squad did some serious damage to Sigrid and her laser squad and Stephan and his recon squad.

Turn 4 - This turn Alex went first and called an artillery strike on my Mickey dealing 3 wounds to it. Then I returned fire and killed all but his Mechanic and the Mickey moved behind cover. His laser grenadiers killed Rosie. My Bot Hunters moved into a tank trap. His Battle Grenadiers Shot at my Hot Dog giving them 2 wounds. My Hot Dog killed his Battle Grenadiers.His Luther shot the remaining wound on my Hot Dog. My Gunners killed the Panzer Killers. His Lothar shot my Pounder giving it 3 wounds but my command squad immediately took one of them off.

Turn 5 - My command squad took off another wound. Alex's Lothar popped out to try to shoot my Pounder again dealing only 1 wound and killing 3 of my Recon squad members. My pounder shot the Lothar killing it.

Turn 6 - Alex's used his Loth to pop out and kill my Mickey. I returned fire with my Bot Hunters killing it. The rest of my army moved in for the kill as Alex's moved into cover.

Turn 7 - My men moved closer as his Luther kept its distance from my Bot Hunters knowing I wasn't going to leave the Tank Trap. His luther shot at me but I made my saves. The rest of my army moved closer.

Turn 8 - My pounder moved and killed his Luther and killed some of the laser squad. His laser squad killed the rest of my Recon squad. My Gunners moved closer.The rest of my units killed his remain army.

Win goes to Me and my Allies.

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