July 4, 2011

Sunday's Play By Play

So today's Play by Play is the First Mission in Operation Cyclone: Standing on the Beach
The objective is for the Attackers to leave the landingcraft and make it to and hold a tile in the defenders deployment zone for 8 turns.


Turn 1 - Was just a move onto the board. Alex began on the landingcraft slowly moving off. I got 3 units on the table uncuding Joe and Rosie.

Turn 2 - More of my units entered the battlefield as Alex's men disembarked the landcrafts.

Turn 3 - Alex moved closer and my men waited for hime to get in range. MY Steel Rain entered the game. I used my command squad to call an artillery strike on his Ludwig putting 3 wounds on it. He returned fire killing 3 of my guys.

Turn 4 - My Pounder moved onto the table and blasted 2 wounds into Alex's Lothar. He returned fire not damaging it at all.

Turn 5 - My Hot Dog came onto the table. My pounder finished off the Lothar without taking any wounds. All of Alex's men moved to outside of the walls protecting my men.

Turn 6 - Alex started putting his men into the clearing and I lost my BBQ Squad but I took out most of a laser squad and just continued to have a stand still of who would make a move first.

Turn 7 - Alex brought back his Lothar using his Kommandotrupp. My Mickey came on the table. I used my pounder to do another wound on his Ludwig. He returned fire dealing 3 wounds to it. I killed Sigrid with my Bot Hunters. Then put 3 wounds on his Stephan. My Mickey dealt 1 wound to his Luther.

Turn 8 - This one was a just Alex realizing he needed to get to that square now. So he pour his men 1 squad at a time into my walls and tried to activate as many of my men as possible. My pounder killed his Ludwig and I killed his Battle Grenadiers and Recon Grenadiers. I didn't loose any whole squads this time but Alex won by using his Manfreds 1 Assault ability per game. As much as I tried I managed to only the squad killed but no wounds on Manfred himself.

Win goes to Alex and his Axis.

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