July 16, 2011


So there will not be superheroes today but there is the full arsenal of the Germans and the US up on the card section of the site.

Also there is new units coming out Devil Dogs and Heavy Recon Grenadiers

There is also a step by step on how to paint Manfred from [So]Rice on the FFG Dust Tactics page.

Update Sunday July 17th added Russians I have made so far and Panzerprinz. Heroes are coming soon there won't be a Homegrown Thursday due to this reason.


patrick said...

Panzer Prince card...? And i still think you should do an interim Kv-47 card...

arkangl said...

My panzer prinz in done but the card is being reworked. As for the KV-47 I am not going to release any card for it until I see what the rules are for the Russians.