August 9, 2011

Tuesday Review

Today's review is the Axis Gorillas. These fearsome units are a great addition to make a retinue for Markus.

Armor 3
Have Fast
Have good anti vehicle and anti infantry
Great in combat.

Don't move 2 like the Allies counterparts
Weapons are only combat no range attacks
Only 3 of them (can be easily killed by flame weapons)

Stick them with Markus. The fast will give them an extra movement but also can combine with Markus's Charge that means you can move 3 squares and use all combat weapons.G


Jordan said...

Actually, if I'm looking at the rules correctly, they can move 4 and then attack with their combat range weapons.


"A unit with this skill is exceptionally swift. When the unit performs a move action, it may move one additional space. If the unit performs two move actions, this skill can only affect one of those move actions."

"A unit with this skill can charge forward at a blistering pace! When a unit uses this skill, perform a fight action with all of its range 1 or range C weapons after performing two move actions. A hero with this skill shares it with any squad he joins."

So, the gorillas use 2 move actions to move 3 squares, then they use Markus' charge and move a 4th square if it'll put the squad adjacent to an enemy.

Jordan said...

Ha, whups! I was looking at the original 'Charge' rule which states you can move 1 extra square and attack after a double move but I quoted the rule from the Revised Rulebook which apparently does away with the extra movement.