August 4, 2011

Announcement - GenCon

I am not at GenCon Dcal12 and Reptilebro1 are. They have taken photos for us to see.

 Also on the dust tactics warfare site some people have noticed the Heavy Armour Kommandotrupps in this picture. They are in the middle left of the photo.

 Dcal12 also commented on Dust Warfare.
"It is a 1 to 6" ratio so one movement factor equals six inches

The idea that one side moves all there units before the other, I know is a concern, but reaction keeps both players totally involved.
They have a Tank Damage Table that you refer to when you hit a Walker, that lets you know what damage a walker gets when you hit it.  You still roll for armor.

damage is things like:
Back up
Weapons Disabled
Crew Killed
Crew Injured
Ammon Explosion
It also states on the table, subject to change.
Through terrain a walker moves 1/2 movement unless it is moving move - move"

- Axis hero pack: TotenMeister, Stefan and Grenadier X (or whatever the zombie with the saw is called)
- Allies hero pack: Action Jackson, Johnny One-Eye and The Priest (guy in long coat)

Hans has two weapons one is more of a INF weapon and the other is a Armor weapon.  But the range is 3 for both of them.  It is a Scout Vehicle so two additional squares on round 1.
Heavy Flak Grenadiers have Reload for all three Fliegerfausts.  It is also a burst weapon.
Sturmpioniere have Fast and a Flamethrower
Blackhawk has a range of two.  All in One and Fast.
Rhino Hero has Berserk
7 of the 8 scenarios are 130points.  I know some were concerned with the scenarios getting to big.  Makes sense, each side has 130 points of units in the core set.  One scenario is just One Squad and One Walker for each side.
The introduction talks about three leading powers:
Allies:  USA, British Commonwealth, Brazil and the French colonial empire
Axis:  Germany, Japan and Italy
SSU:  USSR and China
Then it says "Rumors of alien visitors from another planet and secret weapons abound..."
He also mentions nothing on Russia or Aliens.

As he tells us I'll post it on the forums.


divonic said...

Those heavy walkers are awesome can't wait for more pictures.

Board Game Factory Bio said...

Can't wait for the Heavy Walkers. Can't wait for DW. Must hide more funds from the wife..