August 22, 2011


So I thought I would do a rumor round up of the 4 new heavy walkers coming out next quarter of the year.

- Allied walkers are armor 7 with 10 wounds
- Allied walkers can transport 6 troops
- Fireball has flamethrower with range 3
- Axis walker that looks like a flak cannon (sorry can't remember its name) is armor 6
- Axis walkers are not transports
- All walkers will take up 4 squares: 2x2
- None will have bases

- Allied walkers can bulldoze tank traps, axis can't.
- It would seem that the configurations have different armor ratings, or maybe one of them has Damage Resilience, cause the text says that the Punisher is the "heaviest walker the Allies ever produced" and that the Sturm- is "less resilient than the Konigs-".
- It seem, in order to make the units more "English friendly" they have broken up the one-word german names with hifens, which now looks quite weird.
- Punisher: Twin 155mm howitzers, two .50 MGs and one .30 MG
- Fireball: Napalm thrower with greater range, two .50s, one .30
- Konigs-Luther: Dual 17.3 cm FpK and some other MG.
- Sturm-Konig: 12.8 cm FlakVierling and some other MG.
- The Fireball is said to have speed as one of its strengths. Could this monstrosity possibly have Fast??!!
- The Sturm-Konig has Advanced Reactive Fire, which I think is where that radar antenna comes in.

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Kilgore said...

Cool article!

Just got into Dust Tactics last week - sweet game and love those new walkers!