September 27, 2011

Tuesday Review – Axis Zombies

Today’s review is the nasty Axis Zombies. These guys are resurrected Nazi soldiers and retain their memories for the most part. They are more like voodoo zombies rather than the plague zombies of Resident Evil or Dawn of the Dead

Armor 3
5 Zombies compared to their other armor 3 counterparts
They are nice anti-tank anti-infantry units.
They have damage resilient.
Has fast

Pretty Expensive unit that has no shooting
Does not have a cover save
Cannot be joined by any heroes other than fellow Zombies

Move a lot, don’t stop moving. You don’t have a cover save so stay where it blocks LOS all together. If you have him now use the Grenadier X as the hero to join them. Otherwise when he comes to general release use him.

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