September 7, 2011


I am back online. I've been offline since Hurricane Irene knocked my power out. We have a generator and nothing was damaged. I didn't want to take the chance on have a surge from the generator mess up my computer so I left it offline. If you saw me on FFG forums or BBG forums I was using my iphone.

Now to new business the Tank Buster, Axis Zombies, and the Revised Core Set are out! Get them while you can.

Not sure if this is a rumor or not but there is some talk of the Regular Core Set going away. If this is true folk you need to pick it up if you haven't. While people are arguing that the revised core set is nice, there is only one thing to say about the Regular Core Set, quantity it comes with a ton of walkers squads and 2 heroes that once it gone will not be in production unless FFG makes them separate.

Another Announcement is that there are a ton of people on the filling out the forms for the Player Finder, Store Finder and the Event Finder. If you have not, DO IT!!!!

Since this black out I have also come to the conclusion I need some help with this blog if you would like to post articles or anything don't hesitate to send me an email with your stuff. If you would also like I can make you an admin to be able to post whenever you like. These posts are not steady like mine are but whenever you want. So if you have a game you played and photographed it or have a tutorial on how to paint. I currently have recruited Dan (Dcal12) to post articles when I get this set up he will be posting some.

And finally you'll notice the new look to the blog. at the bottom are links to FFG's pages for each of the 3 Dust Games. There are some more to come with a new banner on the top and some other stuff.

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