June 27, 2013

Hey guys don't forget tomorrow starts SpikeyCon run by my pal Rob Baer whom some of you 40k people know as Mad Boy Genius on BOLS and the creator of the blog Spikey Bits. He owns a store called FTW (For The Win) Games in Midlothian, VA. If you're in the area feel free to come out and check his store out and see my demo.

I will be there demoing Dust.

The event is free and will be 3 days. I'll be there on Saturday with the other demos.

Some big people in the 40k community will be there if any of you would like to see that too. Like Jawaballs and Goatboy who will be also giving general various tutorials for a price.

I think I'll be the only one representing Dust.

They will have demos for Warhammer 40k, Dropzone Commander, X-Wing Miniatures, Infinity, Warmachine/ Hordes, and Dust

Hope to see you there if you come.

Link to the Event

and Link to his Store FTW Games

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