April 4, 2011

Discussion Monday – Transporting your Dust Tactics Box and/or Army

So today I thought I would discuss some different ways of transporting your Dust Tactics models. First is the obvious leave it in the box and carry the box everywhere. The Pros to it is that you already have the box since you bought the game, you can easily categorize it and all your stuff easily fits in it. The cons are there is no way to expand the box, it’s a big and awkward box with no handles, it has no way to organize, and it is made of cardboard easily breakable. I still carry my stuff in this box but I too and suffering from some of these problems as I buy more guys it gets heavily and less room in the box. Another way to carry your men is a tool box or tackle box. You can easily get this at Walmart or Home Improvement Store. The Pros to this is it has handles, it’s made of sturdy plastic, can be made in various sizes to fix all your guys. The Cons to a tool box is that they are they can be expensive because of the size you would need for the models and room to expand, they way a ton by themselves, and not a lot of ability to organize in it. Another is getting a miniature game case. These are made from usually Sobol or Battlefoam. The Pros to these they are light weight, can easily organize, protects models from each other and outside materials, has handles, are in various sizes, allows room to expand, can get them custom made. The cons to this is that they are very expensive including carrying case a cheaper foam set is the pluck foam rather than using the custom foam. Battlefoam themselves make foam designed for Dust Tactics if you are looking to pay the price.


CW said...

At the moment mine are in the box that the DT box came in but I have compartmented it by placing opened top boxes within it, this stops your models moving around to much.
The problem i have got is all that terrain I made is to tall for the box so it has no lid.

The sheers size and number of mechs makes it unecconomical to carry in the foam trayed wargame boxes, but might be ok if the mechs were dissasembled first.

1 thought I have is to get a steel tool box (heavy) and put an 8mm x 1mm earth magnet in the models base to hold it in place (they do fit if you clip-out the bit of of logo'd plastic and replace.

Anonymous said...

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steam_bucky said...

any one got any pics of their storage solutions?

adlernest said...

Snapware makes a great storage option at a great price we AT-43 fans have been storing Meck and troups in these woth great success!
- NEAT-43 yahoo group